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Marine Hardware
For the Practical Boat Owner
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Mast & Bollard Cleats in Stainless Aluminium & Nylon.

Boat Hand Rail Tube & Wire Guardrail Fittings 316 Stainless.

General Chandlers Marine Hardware.

Motor Boat & Yachts Deck Fittings and Through Hull Fittings.

Stainless Hinges, Catches, Harps and Staples, Knobs & Finger Pulls.

Motor Boats & Yachts VHF Aerials & Mounts Cable Plugs & Sockets.

Lift the Dot, Press Studs Poppers for Boat Bimini Top & Curtain.

Marine Engine Impellers Jabsco Johnson Mercruiser Perkins & more.

Mooring Rope & Springs, Fenders & Line, Regatta Buoys e.c.t.

Boat Safety, Lifebuoys, Kill Switches, Throw Lines, Extinguishers.

Anodes Ring, Shaft, Prop, MGDuff & Volvo Penta Bellows & Hoses.

Shackles, Carabiner, Snap Hooks, Swivels, Stainless Steel 316.

Round Ring, S Hook, D Ring, Triangular Delta Ring, Stainless AISI 316

Stainless Wire Rigging Items, Turnbuckle, Ferrules, Thimbles.

Dinghies / Inflatable Pumps Oars Tanks Glue Rowlocks Rowlocks,

Marine Fuel Tanks Petrol / Diesel Small to Large.

Boat and Yachts Deck Floor Hatches and Access Panel Covers.

Marine Door Handles, Locks, & Furniture. Stainless, Brass.

Boat & Yacht Anchors, Chain, Markers, Stops & Bow Rollers.

Marine Electrical Items for Yacht and Motor Boats.

Boat Yacht Bilge Water Pumps, Automatic, Manual & Hand.

Boat Navigation, Spot, Flood, Deck, Cabin & Galley Lights.

Boat Gauges Fuel Water Volt Speedo & Pull Up Sensor Mountings.

Boats Rope Rubbing Strake & Keel Band Strip Stainless Steel 316

Boat 316 Stainless Steel Folding Radar Arch / A-Frame

Sail Boats and Dinghy, Sailing Hardware & Accessories.

Marine Hoses, Hose Clips, BSP Fittings, Valves & 12mm Push-In Fittings.


Marine Polyurethane Adhesive / Sealants and Polymer Glue.

Boats Bimini Tops, Canopies Stainless or Aluminium Bows

Boat Stainless 316 Boarding Ladders & Emergency Ladders

Boat Ship Bells Brass and Bronze, Horns, Whistle and Pub Bells.

Marine Water Heaters, Battery Chargers, Wiper Motors Arms & Blades

Boat Table Tops and Pedestal Legs Fixed or Gas Adjustable.

Boat Seating. Pedestals, Storage Box Seats, Single, Double.

Fastenings Fixing
316 A4 & 304 A2 Stainless Steel
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Self Tapping Screws in A2 304 & A4 316 Stainless Steel.

Wood Screws A2 304 Stainless Steel Countersunk, Round & Hex Head.

Bolts, Setscrew & Countersunk Bolts in Stainless A2 304 & A4 316.

Machine Screws Pan, Countersunk & Raised Stainless A2 304 & A4 316.

Metric Nuts Full, Half, Locking, Dome & Wing Stainless A2 304 & A4 316.

Washers Penny, Spring, Locking, & Screw Cup A2 304 & A4 316 Stainless

Imperial Diameter Clevis Pin A4 316 Stainless + A2 Split Pin or Ring.

Metric Diametre Clevis Coupling Pin A4 316 Stainless. No Split Pin

Drop Nose Coupling Pins in A4 316 Stainless Steel.

R Clips / Beta Pin / Hitch Pin / Coupling A2 304 Stainless Steel.

R Clips / Hitch Pin Double Wound / Coupling A2 304 Stainless Steel.

Pop Rivets, Aluminium, Stainless A4 316 & Marine Monel for Masts

Security Screws, Self Tapping and Machine in A2 304 Stainless Steel.

Split Pins, Cotter Pins, Split Rings, in A2 304 Stainless Steel.

Internal Threaded Screw for Sandwiching Items Without Nuts

Screw Eye & L Hooks A2 304 Stainless Steel

Anti-Oxidization Barrier Grease and Loctite (Tread-Lock)

White Nut Bolt Covers & Screw Caps in White Black, Grey & Light Brown.

Stainless Steel Staples and Monel Staples.